Reconstructing neuro-dynamical principles of prefrontal cortical computations across cognitive tasks and species

General description

We are enthusiastic about the unique opportunities provided by this consortium to address, in line with our general research agenda, the neurodynamical and computational mechanisms of prefrontal cortical cognition across different behavioral tasks, species, and developmental stages. We will train multi-modal recurrent neural networks through approaches like variational inference on partly simultaneously recorded multiple single-unit, Ca2+ imaging, juxtacellular, and behavioral data, and will elucidate the computational role of PFC subdivisions and connected brain areas, different prefrontal cell types, and neural assemblies, during a range of tasks probing cognitive flexibility. We will analyze whether there are similar or distinct dynamical and computational mechanisms at work across species, and how the computational network dynamics changes across development. In this manner, TP8 will serve as a central data analysis and integration hub for the consortium.

Principal investigator

Prof. Dr. Daniel Durstewitz

Theoretical Neuroscience, ZI (Mannheim)


Max Ingo Thurm